In his educational initiative, Obinna Joseph Uba, an ECOWAS Volunteer Teacher at St. Paul’s Secondary School in Pujehun District, demonstrated unwavering commitment to his students’ education by organizing a pioneering field trip to the renowned SOCFIN Agricultural Company in Sahn town, Malen chiefdom.

On Tuesday, October 10th, 2023, a group of science pupils embarked on this enlightening journey, aimed at bridging the gap between classroom learning and real-world applications of physics. Obinna Joseph Uba’s passion for teaching and innovative approach to education was evident as he led his students to explore the practical aspects of physics in the agricultural industry.

The SOCFIN Agricultural Company praised Obinna Joseph Uba’s initiative, describing it as a groundbreaking endeavor in the school’s history. He commended Uba’s dedication to providing experiential learning opportunities for the students, emphasizing the importance of hands-on experiences that connect theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios.

During the field trip, students had the opportunity to witness firsthand how physics principles were applied in various agricultural processes. From the use of pulleys and levers in machinery to observing scientific phenomena in action, the trip provided valuable insights into the integration of physics concepts in the agricultural sector.

The pupils expressed their excitement and gratitude, highlighting how the trip had opened their eyes to the practical applications of physics. They marveled at the use of scientific principles in the company’s machinery, underscoring the relevance of physics in everyday life.

Obinna Joseph Uba’s commitment to providing innovative and immersive learning experiences has set a remarkable precedent for future educational endeavors at St. Paul’s Secondary School.

The administration, particularly the Head of Science Department Keifa Kamara, students, and parents have collectively expressed their deep appreciation for Uba’s exceptional dedication to his students’ education and for organizing this memorable field trip.

This pioneering initiative has not only deepened the students’ understanding of physics but has also ignited their curiosity about the diverse career opportunities available in the field. It is hoped that Obinna Joseph Uba’s efforts will inspire other teachers to explore unconventional teaching methods and create similar enriching experiences for their students in the future, shaping a brighter and more engaging educational landscape in the Pujehun district.