The 26 Bags of EDSA Copper Cables which was alleged to have been stolen, have been found by the Police attached to the BO East Division, in a Poda Poda of a man called Sheku Bah.

The police Officers attached to the BO East Division, upon hearing the news of the stolen cables rushed to the crime scene at total garage and scrutinized the area from there, they were able to locate sheku Bah with a Poda filled with bags.

The police interrogated him and he told them that the bags were filled with unused metals. However, the police did not fall for such and arrested him with the Poda Poda and took him to the Bo East police station.

When they arrived at the police station and searched the bags, low and behold, the EDSA cables were seen. The Suspect is still in police custody whiles thorough investigations are on-going.