Storm Leaves 300 Homeless in Towama

Heavy rainstorm has weakened havoc on the village of Towama, in the Tikonko Chiefdom Bo district, leaving dozens of houses destroyed and over 300 people homeless. Electric poles and pylons were also damaged. No death was reported in the incident which took happened in the evening of Wednesday 4th May 2022.

Thomas Allieu a retired military officer explained to politico how he was sitting in his veranda at around six in the evening of Wednesday when the gusty rainstorm swept through the village, blowing away the roof of his house.

“It started raining for five minutes, and my doors became difficult to open from the outside of the veranda where I was talking with a student. My roof was ripped off smashing into other houses. I have over 15 people living in my house” he said. He said that it would appreciable, if Humanitarian organizations provide them with the necessary assistance.

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The situation was even dire for Sheku Ganda, a physically challenged man. He started “I am a disabled man; I can’t walk on my own except being helped out. Proceeds for my begging were used to build my house. The roof is gone and all my belongings are so wet, with some completely destroyed. We slept in the open yesterday with my children. Where can we go now?”

A youth Paul Kangu affected by the disaster Politico he and other people had to pass the night in a mosque. A 70 years old man, Paul Kangu said he lost his two houses, as they were completely destroyed. His children and grandchildren could not go to the school because of the situation in the house. Chief of Towana, Paul Bona said the level of destruction in the community was unprecedented. He claimed 25 houses were affected by the storm.

“It was very brief but it destroyed a lot of people here. It unroofed houses. The people affected did not sleep last night” Chief Bona explained. He said there are students from Njala University who are staying in the community, who have been affected also but are presently outside of Bo on holiday. One of the University’s campuses is based near Towama.

According to Politico Newspaper, he said the affected people were weeping and were in a very despondent state. Chief Bona said he has noticed Paramount Chief Professor Kangbai Macavorey and other local leaders about the disaster. He appealed to the central Government, Bo City Council and humanitarian groups and individuals to come to the aid of resident of Towama.

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