In a well-attended event, the Students’ Initiative for Development recognized the steadfast efforts of diligent women in Bombali and Tonkolili Districts.

The event, which was held on April 20, 2024, at the Connection One Hotel in Makeni, decorated 50 most Influential women in the two sister districts.

According to Abdul Aziz Kamara, a founding member of Students’ Initiative for Development, the 50 women were decorated for demonstrating excellence in promoting development initiatives in their communities.

Abdul Aziz Kamara added that the committee began the selection process in November 2023, calling on individuals to nominate women who are making difference in various aspects of life.

“The Committee began the selection in November 2023. We called on the public to nominate women from various fields who are making difference. After receiving the overwhelming number of nominations, the committee took several hours to carefully select the 50 awardees who were then contacted,” Abdul Aziz Kamara said.

The keynote speaker, Naasu G. Fofanah, a Gender and Global Policy Expert, emphasized the need for recognizing the efforts of women in nation building and also threw light on the significance of gender equality in governance, stating that Sierra Leone needs a female presidential candidate in 2028, regardless of her political affiliation.

In her speech, Naasu G. Fofanah said she believes that women are the future of Sierra Leone, noting that events such as this can help to spotlight women who are making positive impacts in their communities.

The former Minister of Social Welfare and now Adviser to the President, Honourable Baindu Gassama, commended the initiative and spoke about the essence of women being committed to tasks or responsibilities given to them.

“At every stage in your life you are given a responsibility or task to perform, do it with diligence, commitment and perseverance,” Honourable Baindu Gassama said.

Madam Gassama further encouraged women to believe in themselves and pursue their dreams while being supportive of other women.

During the event, the Students’ Initiative for Development unveiled its 2024 Award Magazine, showcasing the work of influential women in Bombali and Tonkolili Districts. Meanwhile, the awards were presented to the recipients by two female distinguished guests.