Suad Baydoun, the former wife of Sierra Leonean footballer Mohamed Buya Turay, has publicly denied any connection to a fake Facebook page using her name to launch attacks on various individuals.

In a post on her verified Facebook page, Baydoun warned her followers about the fraudulent account and urged them to be cautious. She highlighted the differences between her authentic page and the fake one, clarifying that her official page is named “Suad Baydoun,” while the impostor page goes by “Suad Baydoun Turay.” Baydoun emphasized that she does not use the surname Turay.

“Hey everyone, just a quick heads up – there’s a fake account going around pretending to be me. Please be careful and don’t fall for it,” Baydoun wrote. “Remember, the real me is Suad Baydoun, and I donโ€™t carry any Turay surname. #StaySafeOnline.”

The fake page, “Suad Baydoun Turay,” has been active in recent weeks, posting attacks on various individuals. The most recent target was hip-hop artist and Peace Ambassador Alhaji Amadu Bah, popularly known as Boss La. The page falsely accused Bah and used abusive language, prompting Baydoun to publicly distance herself from the malicious content and clear her name.