The Community Youth Center located at Sulima, in the Soro-gbeima Chiefdom of Pujehun District, is facing a dire state of disrepair, raising concerns among residents and local authorities alike.

The center was constructed by the National Commission for Social Action (NaCSA) to act as a hub for youth activities and community gatherings. However, years of neglect have left the facility in a deployable status, prompting urgent calls for renovation.

Sulima, a pivotal fishing town known for contributing substantial revenue to the government’s coffers, is also a cherished tourist attraction area. The deteriorating state of the Community Youth Center not only hampers the growth of recreational and community engagement activities but also casts a shadow on the town’s appeal as a tourist destination.

Local residents expressed their dismay at the current state of the youth center, which was meant to serve as a space for skill-building workshops, educational programs, and a venue for cultural events. With Sulima hosting a significant population of energetic and aspiring youths, the center’s condition stands as a poignant reminder of unmet potential and lost opportunities.

Community leaders, along with concerned citizens, have called upon both local and national authorities to address the urgent need for renovation. They emphasized that a restored and fully operational Community Youth Center would not only provide a safe and productive space for the town’s youth but also contribute to the overall socio-economic development of the area.

As Sulima continues to contribute to the region’s fishing industry and attract tourists with its scenic beauty, the revival of the Community Youth Center holds the promise of fostering positive growth and engagement. The rallying cry for urgent action to refurbish the center resonates not just within the town but also throughout the district, underscoring the importance of investing in youth-centric infrastructure for a brighter future.