The residents of Tabeyama Town in the Barrie Chiefdom, Pujehun District, have expressed deep dissatisfaction with the deplorable state of their local health center.

Town Chief Bockarie Kamara has publicly stated the community’s grievances, emphasizing the significant challenges posed by the inadequate facilities.

“We are not really happy with the condition of the health center. It has caused us many problems,” Chief Kamara lamented. Despite these hardships, Chief Kamara commended the dedication of the nurses, particularly the nurse in charge, for their unwavering commitment to providing quality healthcare under difficult circumstances.

Hawa Koroma, a lactating mother from Tabeyama Barrie, highlighted the severe lack of essential amenities at the health center. “There is no proper toilet or water facility,” Koroma explained. The center’s remote location exacerbates these issues, forcing residents to walk back to town for basic needs like water and sanitation, even during emergencies such as labor.

Nevertheless, Koroma praised the nurse in charge for her relentless efforts to deliver quality healthcare. “Despite the poor conditions, she ensures that we receive good health services, and it’s rare for the center to record maternal deaths. We are grateful for her efforts.”

Miatta Massaquoi, the nurse in charge at the Tabeyama Barrie MCHA, echoed the community’s concerns. “As a health worker, I am not happy with the state of the center. It serves seven communities, yet the building is in poor condition, with no delivery bed, toilet, or drinking water facility,” Massaquoi revealed.

She mentioned that despite numerous reports to the relevant authorities, no action has been taken to address these pressing issues.

The residents of Tabeyama Town are calling on the government and non-governmental organizations to intervene and improve the health center’s facilities, ensuring better healthcare for the entire community.