In a significant development for the Pujehun Distric, Paramount Chief (PC) Saffa Tarmu of Makpele Chiefdom has been elected as the new Paramount Chief Member of Parliament (PCMP), succeeding the late P.C. Brima Victor Sidi Kebbie III of Malen Chiefdom, who tragically passed away shortly after his election in 2023.

The election process involved the participation of Paramount Chiefs, including Regents Chiefs, reflecting a shift from previous Tribal Authorities’ involvement. Among three contenders, John Salia Rogers of Kpaka Chiefdom pulled 1 vote, Wokie Jojo Massaquoi of Gallinas Chiefdom scored 6 votes and Saffa Tarmu of Makpele Chiefdom secured 7 votes, clinching victory over his rivals.

The decision to elect PC Saffa Tarmu was the result of careful deliberation among fourteen Paramount Chiefs, representing various constituencies within the Pujehun District, demonstrating a unified commitment to effective representation and leadership continuity.

PC Saffa Tarmu’s election is expected to bolster the district’s voice in national matters, given his extensive experience and understanding of local issues. He expressed gratitude for the trust placed in him and pledged to serve with dedication and integrity, emphasizing unity and collaboration in addressing district challenges and promoting sustainable development.

His election signifies a significant milestone in the district’s political landscape, highlighting the community’s resilience and commitment to democratic principles. As PCMP, Saffa Tarmu faces the task of meeting constituents’ expectations and honoring his predecessor’s legacy.