Justice Manuela Harding has remanded in prison David Kamara alias ‘Mandela’ on allegations that he sexually penetrated a 15-year-old school girl he was supposed to provide with private lessons.

Kamara was arraigned at the Sexual Offences Model Court on the 2nd December this year.

The State Prosecutor, Oladipo Robin-Mason Jr. led in the alleged victim as first prosecution witness.

The minor, in her testimony, said she and the accused used to live in the same compound as neighbours and that he was her home teacher.

She said on the day of the incident, the accused asked her to take class at his veranda instead of her house. When she enquired about the reason for the relocation, the accused told her that he could not lock their house door.

She told the judge she took her chair and book along and after few minutes at the veranda, Kamara called her inside. She said upon entering the room, Kamara grabbed her and after wrestling with her for a while, he succeeded in removing her clothes and sexually penetrated her.

She said after the penetration, she began to feel pain and started crying but the accused left the room and returned with a cup of water.

The school said, after drinking the water, the accused cautioned her not to tell anyone about what had happened.

She then left for her house and met her sister who enquired about the reason for her early return. She said she was scared to tell her sister about what had happened and lied that the accused told her he was going out.

The girl told the judge that she later went to the bathroom and found that her pants blood stains on it.

She said days following the alleged incident, her father started questioning her way of walking and enquired as to whether she had been tampered with, but denied out of fear. She said her father later told her that she will be taken to the Rainbo Centre for medical examination.

The following day, while they were in a taxi at Lumley, she confessed to her mother that it was Kamara that penetrated her. She said the mother later stopped at Lumley Police Station where the police issue a medical request form, for her to be examined at the Rainbo Centre.

She said medical result confirmed she has been tampered with and they later returned to the police where statements were obtained.

According to Politico, the teenager said together with some police officers, they went to Kamara’s house where they found him laundering clothes. She pointed him out and was swiftly arrested by the police.

She told the judge that the police later asked her to show them the alleged crime scene, which she did. The officers then took photographs of the room.

Justice Harding adjourned the matter to the 9th December this year because Kamara’s lawyer was not in court to cross-examine the girl.