Alice Hannah Kanjia, a former Housemate Salone season 3 contestant, recently experienced a terrible tragedy that she claimed left her completely disabled.

According to information that has reached our platform, Alice Kanjia’s mother reported two days ago that thieves had stolen her entire life-saving project fund.

Alice Kanjia posted on Facebook about the sadness she had experienced after discovering that her mother had been robbed of all the money she had set aside for her agricultural project.

“Be careful of notorious thieves in Sierra Leone . They stole all my farm projects money from my mom yesterday” Alice Kanjia disclosed.

Alice Hannah Kanjia  is a Sierra Leone – United States based celebrity. She is a blogger, talk show host, youtuber, promoter, brand ambassador, social media influencer, M.C, and activist. She is steadfast in supporting and advancing agriculture. She develops crops on numerous parcels of land in Sierra Leone. She is known by Sierra Leoneans as the sexiest farmer ever lived.