Operations Team at the Lumely Police Division on Monday 6th May 2024, led by ASP Francis Tommy carried out an intelligence raids that led to the arrest of three (3) suspects with illegal substances.

According to report, the team received an intelligence that Kowta Conteh, Mariam James, and Baibureh Dumbuya were involved in drug trafficking and have illegal substances in their possession.

Kowta Conteh, a resident of Gbagbayilla Hill Station, was found in possession of 77 wraps of Kush while Mariam James of the same address, had 300 wraps and a loose quantity of Kush and Baibureh Dumbuya of Regent Village, was also found in possession of one ounce and four plastics of Kush.

All the suspects are in police custody with the exhibits and are helping with further investigations.