The Assistant Commissioner of Anti-Smuggling Unit, Border Controls and Management at the National Revenue Authority (NRA), Richard Senessie has revealed that there is spate of timber smuggling in the country.

The Assistant Commissioner made this revelation in an interview with press.

He said the country is currently faced with smuggling of goods that could have been beneficial to the country and its citizens.

He revealed that recently, his unit able to intercept a massive illegal timber depot at Katonga Village, Port Loko District. The NRA Assistant Commissioner said the country has been smuggling for a while now with groups coordinating like a cartel.

Commissioner Senessie called on security forces to tighten border control.

Sierra Leone is bordered by only two countries but the West African nation has one of the most porous border with over 800 illegal crossing points.

Smugglers usual take advantage of the country’s relaxed security and dense forest to smuggle goods out of the country.

Experts believe that Sierra Leone has one of the most depleted rainforests in the world with some portions of it lost to timber logging.