The former town chief of Nimikoro Chiefdom in Kono District, Daniel Aiah Bissa has been found dead in a bush in Bongema, Kono.

According to reports, the former town chief got missing for at least seven days and was later found dead in a bush in the aforementioned town.

A-Z Newspaper reports that, the former youth chairman of Bongema one at Njayama Section Nimikoro Chiefdom Kono District Lansana Fofanah, on night of Tuesday 17th January 2023, said that a man identified himself as Aiah Morsay informed him at an Ataya Base at Bongema that the former Town Chief of waterloo in Nimikoro Chiefdom Kono District wqs missing.

According to Lansana Fofanah, the missing man left his home at Bongema one last Tuesday morning for Ngagaa junction to visit his granddaughter who transacts business at a Lumar (trade fare) that normally sits at Ngayaa on Tuesdays.

The youth chairman of Bongema one further said during the visit of Daniel Aiah Bissa, his granddaughter gave him some cooking condiments and a transport fare of ten new Leones to pay his way back to Bongema one.

He said on his way back home, the former town chief of Waterloo in Nimikoro Chiefdom Kono District allegedly got missing until when his decomposed remains were found in a bush in the aforementioned town.

Lansana Fofanah maintained that before the discovery of the decomposed remains of Daniel Aiah Bissa, a native doctor or herbalist was contacted to locate the missing former town chief of Nimikoro Chiefdom Kono District but to no avail.

On his part, the town chief of Bongema One in Nimikoro Chiefdom Kono District KombaKatta who is also the younger brother of the missing man that was later found dead in a bush maintained that he was not around when the news broke out that his elder brother Daniel Aiah Bissa has got missing.

He added that upon hearing the said information, he returned and joined his people to search for his missing elder brother who was later found dead in a bush. He described such a situation as not only unfortunate but very scary.

When asked to know the health condition of his elder brother, Komba Katta pointed out that his brother was a sickler and as a result, he was operated on at least four times which caused him short sightedness.

The younger brother of the late chief Komba Katta recalled how his elder brother one time told him that he was not going to die but rather disappear from planet earth.

Meanwhile in an interview with our correspondent, the media officer attached to the Motema Police Divisional Headquarters in Nimikoro Chiefdom Kono District, Thompson peter Ndapie, maintained that his division received an official report from the town chief of Bongema One, chief Komba Katta about the alleged missing of the deceased on Thursday 19th January 2023.

The police media officer said upon noting down the said report, they wasted no time in obtaining statements from the Town Chief and a few others concerned. However, police have arrested at least two family members of the deceased to help the police in their investigations. Also, postmortem examination results to ascertain the course of death of the former town are still pending.