The president of the Sierra Leone Traditional Healers Association Sulaiman Kabba has condemned the act of witch doctors in the country.

He starts by stating that his men have been working with the security sector in Waterloo to clamp down which doctors who were recently exposed for their evil doings as they aim to eradicate them in society.

He said killing is not part of the Traditional Healers Association’s work and it’s a course he has been fighting against over the years.

He made mention of some places which he said people were afraid to go but with his help, these places were made safe for people to access.

He said herbalists are not politicians and should not associate with each other adding that it’s only they as herbalists will be able to help eradicate the evil ones.

He continued that he is in engagement with the government to embark on a nationwide tour to fight against evil acts before the upcoming elections as some people are hiding under traditional healers for financial gains.

He said as Traditional Healers, their aim to improve their skill in healing people as other countries are doing through herbal medicine.

He highlighted some of the adventures he has undertaken over the years to curtail the evil doing of people adding that politicians have recently overcome some of their members which have made them forget their aims and objectives.