Two accused persons, John Saffa and Momoh Vanjay on Friday 3rd February 2023 made their first appearance before Justice Aggrey A. Aruna in the Kenema High Court.

The two accused persons were standing before Magistrate Abdul Carew of the Kenema Magistrate Court No.1 on two count charges of conspiracy to commit a felony contrary to law and wounding with intent contrary to section 18 of the offences against persons Act 1861.

The particulars of the offence states that the accused persons, John Saffa and Momoh Vanjay allegedly poured acids into the eyes of the victim Mamie Sumaila which led to total blindness of the victim.

After several hearings, Magistrate Abdul Carew decides to commit the matter to the Kenema High Court for further hearing on the matter.

While before Justice Aggrey A. Aruna of the Kenema High Court, during their first trial, the first accused John Saffa pleaded guilty to the offences while Momoh Vanjay pleaded not guilty to the offenses saying he did not throw acid on the eyes of the victim.

Justice Aggrey A. Aruna has adjoined the matter to Thursday 9th February 2023 for further hearing and the two accused persons were remanded at the Kenema Male Correctional Center.