In a bid to strengthen unity and promote the development of Sierra Leone’s Muslim community, the United Council of Imams (UCI) organized a significant gathering that engaged hundreds of Muslims.

The event aimed to inform attendees about the various activities of the UCI and sensitize them to the opportunity for external training in Cairo facilitated with the assistance of the Sierra Leonean government.

The Director of Communications and Public Relations South, Sheikh Dauda Tarawally, expressed his gratitude to the Muslim clergy for their presence at the occasion, despite their demanding schedules. He emphasized the importance of patience in dealing with various issues and expressed the hope of witnessing the participation of more stakeholders on such auspicious occasions.

Mr. Tarawally further urged the worshippers to be role models in society, refraining from engaging in ungodly acts. He stressed the need for unity within the Muslim community, particularly referring to the division in the Muslim body in Pujehun, specifically the United Council of Imams.

The School Quality Assurance Officer Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary School Education, Thomas Abu, highlighted the inadequate cascade of Arabic language teaching in schools for children. He acknowledged the division within the Muslim body in Pujehun and commended the efforts of the United Council of Imams in addressing this issue.

Sheikh Mohamed Awalu the Central Region Chairman who represented the National body congratulated Alhaji Sulaiman Tailu Rogers for a successful trip, pujehun district he added is blessed in holding positions in the united council of imams but prayed for continued unity among them.

On his part, Alhaji Sulaiman Tailu Rogers, the District Chief Imam of Pujehun, thanked Gid almighty for his successful training in Cairo and his commitment to enhancing his knowledge base.

The Crown Imam, who was elected in 2004 shared his experiences and knowledge gained from various courses and interactions with prominent Islamic personalities during his stay in Cairo.

He emphasized the immense blessings he received from Allah and encouraged his fellow Muslims to serve as role models in their communities.

Delivering the keynote address, the Regional Chairman South, Alhaji Sheikh Osman Kiawoin described the gathering as a blessing in disguise, emphasizing the presence of Allah in their midst. He expressed appreciation for Alhaji Sulaiman Tailu Rogers, the recognized District Chief Imam of Pujehun District, and called for his celebration.

Alhaji Kiawoin assured the Muslim community that the United Council of Imams would work towards resolving the divisions within the Muslim saga in the Kpanga chiefdom and the district as a whole.

He emphasized that the affairs of imams should not be confined to family grounds and that paramount chiefs should not interfere in matters relating to imams. He vowed to seek legal recourse if the imams’ business is not appropriately handled by other stakeholders.

The United Council of Imams reiterated its commitment to addressing the election and installation of the Imams saga and appealed to all stakeholders for patience during this process.

The event concluded with a renewed sense of unity and dedication among the attendees, as they embraced the UCI’s mission to foster a stronger and more harmonious Muslim community in Sierra Leone.