In the midst of the ongoing Super Advertis saga, a viral video has emerged depicting a group of agents purportedly representing the embattled advertising company celebrating a Christmas party. The footage, which has stirred controversy, showcases one of the agents expressing their sentiments in Krio language.

In the video, a Super Advertis agent boldly states, “Is because we are fools that is why we are making money whiles you that is intelligent will continue to remain poor, which platform that can pay more than Super Advertis?” The provocative statement has sparked a wave of reactions and discussions on social media, with many expressing outrage over the perceived arrogance and insensitivity of the remark.

This comes at a time when Super Advertis is facing intense scrutiny and legal challenges. The company has been accused of fraudulent practices, with several users reporting issues related to payments and the alleged manipulation of advertising metrics. Regulatory bodies have initiated investigations into these allegations, and the controversy has significantly tarnished the reputation of Super Advertis in the advertising industry.

Critics argue that the video further exacerbates the negative perception surrounding Super Advertis, as it appears to showcase a dismissive attitude towards those who question the company’s practices. The agent’s claim that their success is linked to being perceived as fools has raised eyebrows and intensified public skepticism.

As the fallout from the Super Advertis scandal continues, industry experts are calling for increased transparency and accountability within the advertising sector. The controversial video has added fuel to the fire, fueling debates on the ethics and integrity of advertising platforms, and prompting users and advertisers to reconsider their associations with the embattled company.

The repercussions of this viral video remain uncertain, but it adds another layer of complexity to the ongoing Super Advertis controversy, further shaping the narrative around the company’s practices and the broader issues within the advertising industry.

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