Disturbing photos circulating on social media have ignited public outcry over the devastating effects of “kush” addiction in Sierra Leone.

The images, shared by social media blogging page Salone Gossip, depict a young woman’s drastic physical decline, allegedly due to kush abuse.

The “before” photos showcase a healthy, vibrant woman, while the “after” images reveal a frail individual in apparent need of medical attention. This stark contrast has resonated deeply with netizens, sparking a wave of sympathy and concern.

On Facebook, a user identified as Salkay World expressed anguish, stating, “Feeling pain seeing a beautiful young lady with a bright future going down the drain! I pray that the Almighty God hears our cries and changes all the youth involved.”

Another user, Jada Stunt, claimed to know the woman as Mariama, describing her as “a promising young lady” and lamenting the tragic transformation. Kadiatu Bangura, seemingly another acquaintance, corroborated this, alleging Mariama was a student at IPAM University before the drastic change.

Ismatu Samura’s comment added a chilling detail – she recognized the woman from a “kush gron” (kush den) in her community. This personal connection underscores the pervasiveness of the drug and its impact on local communities.

The situation has ignited a call to action. Citizens like Baddo Nelson Gibril are demanding stronger measures: “This is too much for us… The authorities concerned must take necessary actions to combat this menace that is claiming the lives and well-being of our compatriots.”