The Western Area Rural District Council (WARDC) issued a press release on Friday, June 9, 2023, informing the general public, especially traders in the Waterloo Market Square, about an upcoming two-day cleaning exercise. Additionally, they will be carrying out dredging activities at the dumpsite in Freetown Park.

The main objective of this initiative is to improve the cleanliness and environmental sustainability of the community. The cleaning exercise is scheduled to take place on Saturday, June 10th, and Sunday, June 11th, 2023, starting promptly at 6:00 am on both days.

During this period, the Waterloo Market Square will be temporarily closed, and regular business activities will be suspended. The cleaning activities will involve tasks such as drainage cleaning, canal dredging, sweeping, waste collection, and general maintenance to ensure a clean and hygienic market environment.

WARDC kindly requests the cooperation and support of the public in refraining from conducting any sales or commercial activities within the market premises on the specified dates.

At the same time, the council will be carrying out dredging operations at the dumpsite in Freetown Park. This process aims to enhance waste management practices and prevent environmental degradation. For safety reasons, the dumpsite will be cordoned off, and access will be restricted during the dredging operation. It is important for everyone to adhere to the safety instructions and avoid entering the designated area until the dredging is completed.

Furthermore, WARDC encourages civil society organizations, media outlets, and individuals to help raise awareness about the cleaning exercise and its significance for the community. By working together, we can create a healthier and more pleasant living environment for everyone.