The Western Area District Council (WARDC) on Thursday 26th January handed the Frandy community centre rehabilitation project to the contractors.

Frandy community centre is the oldest community centre in Waterloo founded in 1926; the hall is now set to be rehabilitated by WARDC.

Speaking during the handing-over ceremony, WARDC Chairman, Kasho J. Holland Cole pointed out that the Frandy Hall project is dear to him, disclosed that his dream is now a reality and expresses his happiness witnessing the symbolic handing over of the project to the contractors.

A representative of the Accountable Governance for Basic Delivery Project (AGBSDP) present said the project is a world bank sponsored project and aims to serve the community’s special programs and the society at large.

The Headman of Waterloo Village, Mr Oseh Whenzle said that he is happy and feels fulfilled to witness the handing over ceremony for the rehabilitation of the Frandy Hall as it is the oldest and very important to the people of Waterloo, adding that as Chief Supervisor of the project, he will make sure that the contractors deliver the project as stated in the BOQ.

The hall rehabilitation is worth over 1 billion leones and is expected to be fully furnished with air-conditioners, metal grid fence, banquet chairs, etc.