Youths of the Waterloo Community have taken the venture to cleanup fellow youths who have become addicted to the killer drug, Kush, roaming about the streets.

In a video making the rounds on social media, several youths believed to be addicts are gathered by the community people to transport them to a big waterside in the areas inorder to clean them up.

The community people, including Motorbike and Poda Riders are seen working together, with some of them volunteering to fetch kush addicts from different locations to the gathering where they are being transported to the waterside.

According to a man filming the incident, the addicts are going to be barbed, washed and given clean clothes.

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The drug Kush, has become a serious crisis in Sierra Leone, causing lots of tragedies including deaths of hundreds of youths of the nation.

Important personalities including civil servants, security personnel have also become addicts.

Authorities have called on the government to take action against the drugs. A member of Parliament, Emerson Lamina had urged the country’s Youth Minister, Mohamed Orman Bangura to submit a position paper to the House on the drugs. Opposition leaders, civil rights activists and journalists have collectively raised the alarm for urgent action.

Kush, also known as spice or K2, is a mix of “plant matter” sprayed with an ever-changing host of chemicals, in sometimes dangerously high proportions. The drugs is also believed to be processed with human bone.