Police in Waterloo have arrested 25-year Sahid Kamara suspected of stabbing and killing his colleague driver, Alimamy Kamara for dispute over a mobile phone.

The incident is reported to have occurred at the infamous 555 Junction, Lumpa in Waterloo.

Investigations have revealed that the deceased Alimamy pawned his mobile phone to Sahid for NLe 40 about two years ago in 2021. Report revealed that Alimamy was unable to redeem the said mobile phone.

It is said that argument started over the said phone and soon went into a fight in which the suspect used a spanner to stab the deceased in his chest.

Angry mob descended on Sahid but police at the scene intervened.

Police said the corpse has been taken to the central morgue at Connaught Hospital awaiting a postmortem examination.

Waterloo is the largest rural settlement outside the Sierra Leonean capital, Freetown.

The Rural District is well-known for drivers with bad conduct and violence.

Recently, local police have made significant efforts to crackdown on violence, drugs and gangsterism in the district.