As the Commercial Driver’s strike continues in Freetown, Business Women whose businesses have been affected due to the strike, have introduce a new mode of transport in Sierra Leone.

Since there is no commercial vehicle to take them to their business places, the Wheelbarrow Pushers have stepped in to transport them and their luggage to their different destinations.

A Woman has just been seen at waterloo axis seated together with her luggage on top of the metal wheelbarrow as the Wheelbarrow Pusher travels with her.

Because most of these market women survives only from what they sell each day, they are left with no option than to use Wheelbarrows as transport to their business places in order to fend for themselves and their family.

Although there are motorbikes and some keke tricycle on the street, it takes a lot of trouble to get one as the riders too are taking advantage of the strike to over charge the people, because of this, the market women introduces this new mode of transport.

It is risky, dangerous and slow but this is what the situation has compelled them to do, at least they will be able to make something for the day rather than to sit and wait for a strike they know not when it will end and allow their children to starve.