The police at CID HQ in Freetown have a lot on their plate to try to piece together the ‘but for principle’ to find out exactly the person or persons who is or are the real culprit or culprits responsible for the death of a known robber in Kambia Town, Magbema Chiefdom, Kambia District, north of Sierra Leone.

The complexity of what actually happened that caused the death of the boy is something the police will have to ponder  before they can press chargEd.

The lifeless body of Star Boy whose real name is Amadu Kargbo, was found in a swamp some two kilometers away from the place where he was said to have stolen a mobile phone, captured, bound and then released after a few slaps here and a few slaps there.

Boy took to his heels probably fearing that he will be pounced on again but those who first captured him forgot totally about him until the police knocked on their respective doors a few hours later  to tell them that Star Boy was dead. Star Boy was first arrested on a citizen’s arrest after he was found with a mobile phone that belonged to one Ematu who was living at Mama Lane in Kambia.

After the body was found inside the swamp at the back of Hotel Moriah, a man called Nellie didn’t allow the police to do their job but he went and picked up the body and took it to the Kambia Hospital where it was further removed by a man and hurriedly buried. No autopsy carried out which could have established the causation.

To be continued in our next issue.