A widow used as a subject in a recent lecture by famous Muslim cleric, Sheikh Farouk Adam Bah has benefited from a huge sum of money.

According to the lecture, Sheikh Farouk was preaching about the duty of Muslims to be charitable while citing the poor state of the widow who lives in an inhabitable place with her children.

The widow’s story left the Muslim cleric in tears.

Days after the said lecture, the Universal Dawah Movement (UDM) announced that the sum of NLe 49,000 has been raised for the widow and her children.

First, it was a resident that was rented for the woman with her children.

“Subsequently, a whopping amount of forty nine million two hundred and eighty one thousand old Leones (Sle 49,281,000) was handed over to the woman today in additional support for her livelihood and children,” the UDM said.

It added that the Muslim Cleric was appreciative of the donations and pleaded with the Muslim community to continue to help the needy.