State Prosecutor Yusuf I Sesay on Friday 21st October 2022, told the court that the state would provide two witnesses who may testify on Monday against the accused boss LA robbery matter in court.

Lawyer Y. I Sesay said the state would ack fast to bring their witnesses to court, adding that they would not disclose the name of the witness for security reasons.

The accused Alhaji Amadu Bah (Boss LA) is in court before Justice Adrain Fisher at the high court No.1 on four counts of charges of robbery with violence and assault.

According to the police, the accused Boss LA on Sunday 12th June 2023 at LEOCON filling station with the intent to rob ate the sum of 4, 200,000 and assaulted a pump attendance at the main motor Road Congo Cross in Freetown with intent to steal and rob.

Defense counsel Pa Momoh Fofanah for the accused person cross-examined the witness.
First prosecution witness Ishmael Kamara narrated the incident, that on June 12th, 2022, at 6 am the fuel station was in full operation but the incident occurred at 3 pm.

A Series of questions were boarded to the witness, but the witness told the court he cannot clearly remember the incident not remember if the phone was returned to Christiana because he was making a statement at the police station.

The witness again stated that he cannot recall everything again.

He said Boss LA grabbed the sale bag from him and took the phone and some of the money and threw the sale bag in front of him and speed off.

He said that later they found out that Four Million Two Hundred Thousand Old Leones were missing from the bag.

The witness again said he cannot remember what was inside the sale bag, in that line defense lawyer Pa Momoh said the reason why the witness could not remember is that he was the one who stole the money.

The witness told the court that, the sale bag was with him when the accused grabbed the bag from him and took the money and the mobile phone and drove off. He said the bag was with the accused person till where the accused was arrested.

Many questions were directed to the witness by the defense counsel, but the witness said he couldn’t remember much of what happened. It was at this junction defense counsel for the accused sought the disposition of the witness testimony at the magistrate court while the matter was fresh.

Justice A. Fisher adjoined the matter to Monday 24th October 2022.