The contractors for the China Henan International Cooperation Group (CHICO) Ltd. have on Sunday 29 January 2023 paid an exploration visit to Gbalahun and Sandeyelu villages along the Kailahun-Buedu Road to identify a suitable location (s) for the construction of a campsite and a quarry site as the work is anticipated to keep start within the shortest possible time.

CHICO made the exploration visit following the official signing of the Lot one Kailahun-Buedu (25km) Road contract by the Sierra Leone Roads Transport Authority (SLRA) on Saturday 28 January 2023

According to reports, CHICO Ltd. Will do further explorations to confirm the suitability of the quarry site wherein, SLRA will have the mandate in further engagements with the land-owning families for a formal sale and lease agreements to be done where necessary.

This comes as welcoming news in the developmental strive as the people are eager to see the completion of the said road that may ease the long-time struggle they have been going through in that part of the country.