A devastating fire incident in Roline Kasana Bana village, Yoni Mamaila Chiefdom, in the Northern District of Tonkolili, has on the 8th of April 2024 claimed the lives of two women.

The incident has left the entire village and the other neighborhoods grieving.

On the day of the incident, Aminata Yateh, a JSS two pupil of Pope John Paul Secondary school in Mathoir and Sallay Kanu, a pregnant woman went to the farm in the aforementioned village. On that day, the authorities in the village have announced that the entire community would burn the farms ahead of the next planting season.

Abu Bangura, the husband of the pregnant woman, says he has advised his late wife not to go close to the farms since the authorities have announced they would burn the farms on that day. Surprisingly, the two women went into the fire unknowingly to everybody in the village and they were burnt to death.

Bangura says he was surprised to later learn that his wife and the other victim had gone to the place where the farms were burnt. One of the community members, the husband said went to the newly burnt farms in search of dead animals and he was the one that discovered the dead bodies of the two women.

“I was surprised to see the dead bodies of my wife lying. She was burnt from the head to the toes. I was not expecting them to die in the fire because I have warned them to avoid the area,” the husband stated.

The matter was reported to the Mile 91 Police Division, and the Police has ordered for the women to be buried.

According to the husband, he did not suspect any foul play. The community members say this is the first time such ugly incident has happened in the area. The two women have been buried in Roline Kasana Bana village.