A bloody crash at Bomurun Highway just after Fayraydugu left three Sierra Leonean women injured after a car somersaulted four times.

The vehicle with registration number AUQ – 514, was coming from Makeni towards Bomurun in the North Region, when it suddenly veered off the road at top speed, somersaulting four times before landing into a near bush at about 5:51 p.m. on Tuesday 23rd May, 2023.

The driver of the car was said to be driving at top speed when the tyre of the vehicle burst and upon him trying to break the car, it dangerously somersaulted and landed at the bush.

Three women got injured; one suffered severe head injury, another bruises on the face and the last one was in great shock with one arm injured.

Fortunately, the driver and another man that was seated in the front seat escaped death and injuries despite the several somersaulting.

Residents of the area was in shock and couldn’t inform the police as at that time.

However, most of the people that were travelling on the road at that time left their vehicles and rushed to the accident scene and had two of the injured rushed to the hospital.

Watch Accident Scene below: