A high court judge of the judiciary of Sierra Leone has sentenced a woman in Kabala town, northern Sierra Leone for stealing five thousand United States dollars from her boyfriend’s room.

The convicted woman, Yemmeh Samura was on 4th March 2022 arraigned before the Makeni High Court judge, Hon. Justice Unisa Kamara on one count larceny in a dwelling house. The state alleges that on Sunday 23rd May 2021 Samura at Main Jah Drive in Kabala town, stole the five thousand United States dollars from her boyfriend, Mohamed Bailor Jalloh.

On the said date, the boyfriend testified in court that, he invited Samura to spend the night with him at his Main Jah Drive residence to Kabala town. The woman, Jalloh said agreed and they both met that night.

Before going to bed, the boyfriend said, he locked the door and dropped the keys inside one of his shoes. Jalloh said, he was surprised to wake up in the morning and noticed the women was not around. “I was surprised when I woke up in the morning and realized she has gone,” the boyfriend said. The keys, he said weren’t inside the shoe any longer.

“I later check where I kept my money and realized that about five thousand United States dollars has got missing,” the man said. Jalloh said he reported the matter to the police. Samura was investigated and charged to court for the said offense.

After the testimony of various witnesses, the judge said he is convinced the woman committed the offense. Having convicted her for the said offense, Justice Kamara said, he is sentencing Samura to six months imprisonment.

“I hereby sentence you to sex months imprisonment,” the judge ruled.

Immediately after the ruling, the woman was moved to the Makeni correctional center, and she is currently serving her jail term. State counsel Joseph A.K. Sesay prosecuted Samura. And she was represented by two lawyers, Osman Kamara and Ibrahim Samba from Legal Aid Board.