Kamboi Eagles Football Club has written to the Sierra Leone Football Association on Tuesday 3rd October 2023, with regards to the suspicious conclusion of the 2022/23 Sierra Leone Premier League, the rulings in the WILBERFORCE STRIKERS FC vs SLIFA match and the failure of F.C. KALLON to honor the remaining match vs WILBERFORCE STRIKERS FC.

Kamboi Eagles raises concerns in the said letter alleging that WILBERFORCE STRIKERS FC with the President of Sierra Leone Football Association, MR THOMAS DADDY BRIMA,  holds proximate interests in the club, receiving 6 free points to save his team from relegation forcing Kamboi Eagles FC to be relegated.

They affirmed they have waited for a full-scale investigation as was promised by officials of the FA for several months now but with the 2023/24 Sierra Leone Premier League Board established and dates announced, they now realize there is no intention to investigate the suspicious conclusion of the previous league.

In this regard, Kamboi Eagles demand a full transparent investigation into the affairs and insist that the club must not be relegated as there is enough grounds to suggest wrong doing by one or two or even the three clubs mentioned above to influence the final outcome of the league.
They further requested for the appropriate bodies at FIFA and CAF to step in and prevent what could possibly be one of the most unethical and inappropriate behavior of clubs in the history of Sierra Leone football.

They call for Justice to prevail and  Kamboi Eagles FC  to be reinstated in the Sierra Leone Premier League.