The incident erupted from a conversation of providing a small portion of access road to enable people residing within the Grafton vicinity to their different houses, which was misconducted by an elder in the community who supported the assailants and a senior military officer (Major) of the Sierra Leone Armed Forces who as alleged instructed the victim (complainant Dauda Morlai Bangura) to be beaten.

The three accused persons namely; Sheku Jaward, Frazer Mongeon and Alusine Fofanah all of Grafton village were arraigned before Police Magistrate H. Daboh at the Ross Road Magistrate Court No.3 in the East end of Freetown on two counts of Wounding and Assault Occasioning Actually Bodily Harm contrary to Section 47 of the Offices Against the Persons Act of 1861.

The three accused, as alleged on the particulars of offence wounded the complainant Dauda Morlai Bangura on Saturday 27th March, 2022 at Grafton in the Western Area of the Republic of Sierra Leone.

Standard Times Newspaper reports that, during the first appearance of the accused persons, Magistrate H. Daboh denied all accused bail and ordered for them to be remanded in custody after noticing the injured sustained by the victim.

Meanwhile all accused persons were whisked to the Pademba Road Correctional Holden Centre.