The Women’s Partnership for Justice and Peace (WPJP), supported by funding from the European Union, orchestrated a transformative “Gender Dialogue Training Session” in Moyamba District.

The session aimed to illuminate the local populace, particularly women, on the recently enacted Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment (GEWE) Acts in parliament.

Honorable Gladys Gbemoh Gbappi Brima, esteemed CEO and Founder of WPJP, extended a warm welcome to participants, stressing the paramount importance of the training. She underscored the urgency of ensuring that Moyamba District residents, especially women, were well-versed in the GEWE Acts. Honorable Brima provided insight into WPJP’s inception in 2004 in Taiama Kori Chiefdom, with headquarters in Bo and branch offices in Taiama and Njala, all situated in Kori Chiefdom. WPJP’s core mission centers on supporting vulnerable young women affected by conflict through educational opportunities, vocational training, and livelihood support.

The training, expertly facilitated by Mrs. Alice Mariama Kamara, guided participants through dynamic discussions and interactive activities. Distinguished attendees included female councillors from Moyamba District Council, representatives from various press houses, Councilor Ernest N. Sama from Ward 346, and Gerald R. Foday, representing Civil Society Organizations in Moyamba.

The event garnered substantial attention and participation, reflecting the community’s commitment to advancing gender equality and justice. By arming women with knowledge of the GEWE Acts, WPJP aims to embolden them to actively participate in policymaking and advocate for their rights within Moyamba District.

The Women’s Partnership for Justice and Peace continues to be a driving force in Sierra Leone, championing gender equality and women’s empowerment. This training session represents another significant stride in their ongoing endeavors to uplift and bolster women across the nation.