On June 4th, 2023, the Youth Council of Kunike Sanda Chiefdom organized a peace summit in Masingbi Town, the headquarters of the Chiefdom.

The purpose of this summit was to address issues related to non-violence during the pre and post-election period.

Various stakeholders were invited to participate, including candidates from political parties running for Member of Parliament and Councilor positions, the Paramount Chief, organizations and unions, bar owners, the chairman of SLTU Kunike Branch, Radio Kunike 89.4 Makali, the Students Union, constituency chairmen, the Women’s leader, Section Youth Leaders, Ecsl Tonkolili, advocates for people with disabilities, the Bike Riders Union, the Drivers Union, United Kunike, district political party chairmen, independent candidates, constituency chairmen, the Masingbi Modelling Union, and the O.C. Masingbi Police Post.

During the summit, discussions were held to find solutions for promoting non-violence during elections, addressing political party incitement and intimidation.

The council also posed several questions to political party aspirants regarding their plans to maintain peace and foster development once they assume positions of power.

According to chiefdom youth chairman Mohamed Kargbo It is noteworthy that this unified dialogue, initiated by the youth of Kunike and Tonkolili, is a significant achievement for the people of Kunike, Tonkolili, and Sierra Leone as a whole.

He further that the council would like to extend a special “Thank you” to the honorable aspirants of the Sierra People’s Party Member of Parliament, Honorable Tariq, for his generous gesture of providing 2 million leones to the Youth Council of Kunike. This contribution he said will aid in the completion of the Youth Consultative Office and Youth Center building project.

However, the council continues to call upon all residents of Tonkolili, Kunikinians, and developmental enthusiasts to contribute towards the completion of this building project and the TON 4 KLIN Project, as we are currently in the rainy season.