The National Youth Commission (NAYCOM) has on September 13th, 2023 collaborated with the Ministry of Youth Affairs and the African Development Bank Group on job opportunities.

The discussion was based on how they could partner to create job opportunities and empower Sierra Leonean youth.

The collaboration also saw the formation of the Youth Sector and National Youth Service Acts.from

The meeting also aimed at Promoting Climate Smart Entrepreneurship and small and medium enterprise (SME) Development for young people especially for Women.

The Human Capital, Youth and Skills development expert of the African Development Bank (AfDB), Tapera Muzira while giving an overview about their Banking system noted the Bank’s commitment to human capital development which aligns with President Bio’s Big 5 agenda.

Muzira laid emphasis on skill development for young people and urged the youth sector to put together their priority area in which the project will be categorized on, in order to reach the targeted goals.

NAYCOM’s Commissioner Ahamed Atta Mansaray highlighted the Commission’s successes over the years in terms of project implementation especially in championing youth issues.

Commissioner Mansaray also underscored the comradeship that once existed between NAYCOM and the AfDB that led to capacitating young people and some lecturers from the Milton Margai University whilst he looks forward to a deepening partnership that will be beneficial to the Youth.

The Commissioner admonished his compatriot to think alike on the opportunities President Bio has given them as young people, thus they must ensure to work for other young people in a very high scale and revamping manner.

Program Manager Momoud Wudie and Monitoring and Evaluation Manager Yusif Kamara from NAYCOM gave a thematic analysis and holistic reports on every project the Commission has undertaken, the ongoing ones such as the Productive Social Safety Net Program funded by the World Bank which aims to support 8,000 young people in five regional headquarters in Sierra Leone, untraditional skills training for 200 young women, the Obasanjo’s Skills training Centre among others.

The meeting ended with an assurance of engaging other stakeholders to see how best they can kick-start the Climate Smart Entrepreneurship and SME Development for Young people across the country.