Youths in the Goderich Community apprehended a woman on suspicion of selling KUSH to fellow youths within the community.

However, she was promptly rescued by military officers from the youths’ custody.

Determined to eradicate the sale of Kush within their community, these youths are issuing a stern warning to trade participants, urging them to cease such activities. The move comes in response to the increasing toll Kush has taken on several youths within their neighborhood.

The shared video of the apprehension captures the youths identifying the woman as the alleged drug seller within the community. They state, “This is the woman who has been distributing drugs here. We have her in custody. Her sale of Kush has resulted in physical harm to several young boys in our neighborhood”

Using sticks, they struck the woman while discussing the drug’s dangers. In response, the woman warned the youths to stop with a sharp voice. She urged them to remain composed as Military personnel guided her calmly to the Police Station.