Youths in Sierra Leone have taken to the streets of Freetown to demand actions to decrease the high cost of data tariff in the country.

The protest took place on Wednesday 25th January 2023 two weeks after Mobile Companies increased the price of mobile data by 150 per cent.

The increment came as a surprise for many Sierra Leoneans, amidst the economic down break in the country.

The increment according to the protesters is too high, saying the burden of the increment has already affected so many sectors.

They also alleged the increments has deprived them from accessing the internet and  communication.

“Access to internet is a human right. We are customers not slaves. Data increment must fall. What have we gained since independence” one of the protest signs reads.

The youths bemoaned that data is life, stating that low data cost gives them a happy life while high data cost leads to a depressed life.

“Why so wicked, data is life. data is life. Why should it be this way? 2.5 gb is equivalent to ten cups of rice”, one of the placards read.

Before the increment, consumers buy 3 GB for NLE 15, but after the increment 2.5GB is sold at NLE 35.