Sierra Leone’s renowned Hip-Hop sensation, De Bills, has once again captivated audiences with his latest track titled “Free Lawyer.”

Having made a powerful comeback a few months ago with the release of the diss track “Tolon Pepeh,” aimed at rapper Boss La, De Bills has been diligently working behind the scenes to create more musical delights for his devoted fans. Renowned for his exceptional skills and absolute lyrical proficiency, the artist fearlessly addresses critical issues affecting the entertainment industry and Sierra Leone in “Tolon Pepeh.”

In his latest trending single, “Free Lawyer,” De Bills takes a strong stance against informants who lack loyalty to the country. With hard-hitting lyrics, he condemns those who betray their nation and highlights the importance of remaining true to one’s roots.

De Bills’ musical prowess and thought-provoking content continue to solidify his status as one of Sierra Leone’s most prolific Hip-Hop superstars, and his dedicated fanbase eagerly awaits each of his groundbreaking releases.

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