“Na You,” a vibrant Afrobeat and RnB track by Sierra Leonean singer Double A, is a heartfelt ode to his beloved African queen. In this melodic celebration, Double A sings with passion and adoration, emphasizing the unrivaled place she holds in his heart.

The song’s title, “Na You,” translates to “It’s You,” encapsulating the central theme of the track his unwavering devotion to her.

Double A uses rich, lyrical imagery to describe his affection, referring to his lover as “Mamie na power,” which means “the woman in charge.” This phrase underscores her dominant presence and the powerful impact she has on his life. Her beauty and strength are likened to a “melon pup,” a metaphor that evokes her refreshing and irresistible charm.

The chorus, with the line “Na you go dae make me happy,” meaning “Only you will continue to make me happy,” reinforces his commitment and the joy she brings into his life. Double A’s smooth vocals blend seamlessly with the rhythmic Afrobeat, creating a catchy and emotive anthem that resonates with listeners.

Through “Na You,” Double A not only showcases his musical talent but also highlights the universal theme of love and devotion. The song is a testament to the power of love and the special place his African queen holds in his heart, ensuring she remains irreplaceable.

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