Sensational Music Star, Jooel has recently unveiled his latest song, “Hero” which delivers a message of gratitude, empowerment and shades on Entertainment Ambassador Kao Denero

Building on Joel’s earlier call for a collab with Kao Denero, this track serves as a gentle nudge to the entertainment ambassador, reminding him of the weighty responsibilities he carries.

The lyrics of the song recognizes individuals of all backgrounds who demonstrate bravery and selflessness in their actions, emphasizing that heroes come in various forms, regardless of size, age, or stature, and highlights their unwavering courage in times of need.

The lyrics reads:

Heroes can be big.
Heroes can be tall.
Heroes can be young or old.
Or anyone at all.

Heroes are so brave.
Heroes do great deeds.
To do whatever has to be done
When others are in need.

Thanks to all our heroes
The job is not done..
it’ll take more than a pen to right what’s wrong..
Be proud of how far you’ve come.
You are your hero.

Listen Below:-