Amb Kao Denero, owner of the Black Leo Record label, has on this song gave his devoted followers and detractors yet another bad-man song, Rep Mango, on which the rapper spits some wild verses and features Lima Cruz.

Rep Mango shows how the celebrity (Kao) carries on with his life despite both admirers and detractors. When a mango is ripe, the majority of people tend to use various techniques to remove it from the tree. As he compared the mango to his actual life experiences, Kao Denero said that he sees himself as the ripe mango.

You should add Kao Denero’s metaphor of eating a mango to your playlist for 2023 because he used it to depict his struggles in life.

Imagine a Rap song on an amapiano beat, He is a legend. You can choose not to like him, but you can’t take away his God given talent.

For Lima Cruz, he is exceptionally superb as he put his all to make the song a perfect collaboration and delicious meal for fans.

Master Tek deserves credit for the production. Go streaming and downloading the song on social media platforms. Don’t forget to follow the celebrity in his social media handles.

Listen Below:-