Samza, formerly of KME and KSI (Kracktwist and Samza Investment), just dropped his eagerly awaited album, “On God.”

When the Kracktwist and Samza fraternity was on the verge of disintegrating, album rumors started to swirl. The rumors persisted that Samza is something else without Kracktwist.

Samza has shown this via perseverance and putting the rumors to rest. He has proven to us that he is still capable of creating excellent songs sans Kracktwist.

There are 14 ear-pleasing tracks on this “On God” album for Sierra Leoneans’ adoring ears. Samza traveled the entire globe to include the biggest Sierra Leonean stars, including Mackmuday, Terror D, Jooel, Menace De General, Mello Seven, and others.

Grab your EarPods and enjoy what Samza has for you this 2023.

Listen Below:-