Sierra Leonean afrobeat and afro-pop sensation, Paul Santigie Mansaray, widely known as Santimans has released a brand new song “Good Roses” from his No Bad Mind.’ Album

Get ready for a musical journey that tugs at the heartstrings and celebrates the beauty of committed love! “Good Roses,” a stunning track produced by the talented duo of Wilbert and Moz beat and impeccably mixed and mastered by Alman, is a shining gem in Paul Santimans’ latest album, ‘No Bad Mind.’

“Good Roses” encapsulates the essence of Sierra Leonean music, offering a rich blend of culture and heartfelt lyrics. This track, in particular, delves into the depth of a devoted romantic relationship. It beautifully captures the idea of love that is unwavering, selfless, and dedicated to creating the perfect journey together.

With its harmonious melodies and evocative lyrics, “Good Roses” is not just a song; it’s a musical testament to the kind of love that everyone dreams of. This is the soundtrack to celebrate the love that gives its all, turning every moment into a perfect ride through the journey of life.

Whether you’re planning a wedding, a special anniversary, or simply want to express your love, “Good Roses” is the perfect choice. It welcomes you to savor the sweetest moments in life, a love story that’s worth cherishing.

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