“APC Dae Rally” is the next mind-blowing masterpiece smash track from Shekunta (Number One). featuring Kracktwist and Lox P, two former KME megastars.

Shekunta Junior, also known as Shekunta Number Wan, has performed what is regarded as “doing the right song at the right time” as the June 2023 Presidential election approaches quickly. supported by Lox P (Ayv Cypher Winner) and Cracktwist (Lamina gboto).

The fact that this song’s title, “APC DAE RALLY,” raised expectations that it would be heavily political, was widely reported via numerous media outlets. Others implied that since the song’s title is familiar to the majority of Sierra Leoneans, it will undoubtedly be a love ballad.

However, is it possible that this song is a revolutionary song written specifically for the main opposition APC party? Or might this be a protest against the PPRC’s most recent news release on the ban on public protests for the next presidential election? In the meantime, we have yet to learn the truth. The adage “Never judge a book by its cover” applies here.

Meanwhile, Shekunta gained a lot of fans from one of the most popular reality TV shows in Sierra Leone, “Big Sister Salone,” after releasing hits like “Inside the Bondo Bush.” And ‘Amina U don Don Get Belleh’ etc., which is regarded as one of the most popular songs of all time, has finally released his first hit single of the year 2023.

Enjoy and let’s have your say on this top notch joint!!!

Listen Below:-