Sierra Leone cries for solutions, and Sir Wahid, the ever-vocal “Tin Dem,” delivers a powerful response: “THE ANSWER.” This masterpiece isn’t just a song; it aspires to be a timeless anthem.

Meet Sir Wahid, a social activist disguised as a songwriter. A tireless advocate for a peaceful and thriving Sierra Leone, his music and actions consistently champion this vision.

The “Answer” is in response to the current trend of affairs in Sierra Leone as majority of the populace are on the left or right side of politics whilst others have grown silence in fear of being labeled “Red/Green” as the divide widens✍🏾🇸🇱

A true patriot who believes the welfare of the populace is paramount and goes beyond party politics, tribal and/or regional lines, comes up with “THE ANSWER” to all the numerous QUESTIONS citizens have been asking, whispering or grumbling about🙌🏾

Listen Below:-