Supa Maxx Entertainment presents a brand new reggae tune that depicts all sorts of inhuman and deteriorating happenings in Sierra Leone. This awareness anthem is by Supa Maxx and he calls it “Freedom And Justice (Brother Man)”.

“Freedom And Justice (Brother Man)” cries out the pain and suffering that majority of the people from Sierra Leone go through on a daily struggle. It is sad to know the past and present knowledge of the best resources from Sierra Leone is yet to be explored and that Sierra Leoneans are great people with great hearts.

This song also cries out for the Freedom of popular Sierra Leonean super star Boss La.

Supa Maxx teamed up with 18K who played a great role in the success of this project.

Check “Freedom And Justice (Brother Man)” by Supa Maxx who is said to be doing this song for the love He has for his continent and homeland Sierra Leone.

Listen Below:-