Introducing Emmanuel Saa Gandi Junior, a Sierra Leonean native known by his stage name, Xzu-B, or Xzubrant. Today, I am thrilled to present a remarkable collaborative musical endeavor by some of Sierra Leone’s top music luminaries, titled “Majesty (Remix).”

This exceptional track boasts the talents of Xzu-B himself, alongside a stellar lineup of Sierra Leonean artists including Nata, Pontifex, Tasha, Deeno Jay, Dallas B, Paris Gold, J Sapz, MIC, Jakey Jake, Sus K, and Speedo’o.

Let’s delve into a bit of Xzu-B’s background. Born in Yengema town in Sierra Leone’s Kono District, he embarked on his educational journey at Murraydeen Primary School and later attended the prestigious Sierra Leone Grammar School. Presently, he’s pursuing his studies in Information Technology and serves as the Chief Judge for the television program ‘AYV Cypher Uncensored.’ He also  holds the title of Brand Ambassador for AYV.

In the year 2010, Xzu-B inked a deal with Catthouse Records, helmed by CEO and producer Teteh. Notably, he clinched the title of Best Upcoming Hip Hop Artist at the 2012 Lake National Awards. In 2015, he dropped his chart-topping track “Go Kabala” from the X album, a release that solidified his standing in the music scene. Xzu-B’s prowess was further acknowledged when he earned a nomination in the Best Hip Hop Male Artist of the Year category in 2017.

Currently affiliated with the label Doz-kabaal, alongside artists like Star Zee and SQB, Xzu-B is gearing up for the launch of his highly anticipated second studio album, “Majesty.” Notably, he also holds the title of CEO at Troublemakers Music and has recently signed a promising young rapper, BADO, who is diligently working on his forthcoming project.

It is rare to see such superb collaborations where all acts dropped bars to the extent it becomes difficult to know who hit hardest. Go check this song and tell us your thoughts to this song.

Listen Below:-