At a conference held on Monday 31st January 2022, at the judges’ room law court building on Siaka Stevens Street, Freetown, hosted by the Chief Justice Hon. Desmond Babatunde Edwards to tell Court Reporters about the Judicial Week starting Monday 31 January and ends 4 February 2022.

In his statement, chief Justice said, the Judicial Week is to look into cases of inmates that are in prison for long time without indictment, to also look into the ball policy as some Magistrates are going out of the law by giving wrong sentencing for different offences.

And most of them are granting stiff bail for Police Order Offences and some do not even grant bail because of personal reasons.

He said 111 inmates are in prison without indictment, and 26 Judges have been deployed all over the country to look into such cases. On the area of Jurors to seat with judges on murder and robbery cases has improved drastically as jurors are now given stipends supported by the government.

According to Independent Observer, the chief Justice furthered that the Judicial Week would yield good things for justice to be done in all areas. He concluded that UNDP and the government of Sierra Leone are funding the project.