The Presidential candidate for the Alliance Democratic Party in the 2018 election, Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray couldn’t attend his court hearing scheduled for the 16th August, 2021.

It was reported by the Court Clerk that a medical report was sent by the Sierra Leone Correctional Services (SLCS) to indicate that Kamarainba is unwell and could not attend his court hearing.

Reliable sources have reported that Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray’s health has deteriorated significantly for the worse over the weekend. The report further stated that Kamarainba has not eaten since Saturday 14th August and that he can barely walk and has been inside his cell at the Male Correctional Center since Saturday 14th August.

As you can recalled, Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray was detained in July 2020 last year and has spent well over one (1) year on detention without bail.

The ADP strongman is being treated as if he has already been convicted even through section 23 (4) of the 1991 constitution of Sierra Leone talks about the presumption of innocence. Also, section 79 of the Criminal Procedure Act is very clear on who to be granted bail.

Therefore, Section 79 (1,2,3 and 4) should be applicable in this case though the final discretion rests in the hands of the presiding judge.

In the case of ADP Leader, he is not a flight risk and has no reason to abscond if granted bail. The presiding Judge should consider Kamarainba’s health situation and allow him to seek better health facilities out of the prison. Otherwise, he might end up losing his life in custody.

The big question here is; are we waiting for Kamarainba to die in prison, then the Sierra Leone Judiciary will grant him bail to be buried?