One of Sierra Leone’s leading broadcasting companies, the Africa Young Voices (AYV) reporter, Amadu Lamrana bag excitement as he visits Old Trafford for the first time.

You will never know or feel what excitement really means until your most precious dreams or desires are achieved. As a die hearted fan of Manchester United despite the team facing some challenges in the Premiere League, Amadu Lamrana felt like heaven when he finally had the visited his home Old Trafford.

The reporter on a snippet video was spotted cheering at the stands as his team battles with it’s opponents in the pitch. Being ecstatic like seen before, Amadu Lamrana was making so much noise of ecstasy that he couldn’t pay attention to the match.

Recalling from football experiences in Sierra Leone, Amadu want to memory lane way back from Ghana field, Kissy to his new achieved dream place on Earth Old Trafford, Manchester.

Amadu continued being ecstatic to the point that he careless about neither the football match nor the scoreline of the match.

On his Facebook page he posted:

From Ghana Field, Kissy to Old Trafford, Manchester.

Watching Manchester United play live against Aston Villa is a dream come true at the Theatre of Dreams.

I care less about the scoreline 😆


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